High logistic efficiency with 360Drive

High logistic efficiency with 2 Beagles 360Drive driving over 100 km per month

Mr. Martien Kooijmans, owner of A.H.Kooijmans & Zn B.V. in Schijndel, produces professional tools. Due to the steady growth in the company, in 2018 a new distribution warehouse had been realised of 2500m2. This new warehouse increased the internal distances. 
`In addition to the use of electric Internal Transportation equipment, we noticed, that we needed another electric means of transport for our
Logistics and IT staff, who have to enter three warehouses several times a day. Walking takes too much time. Our choice fell on the Beagle and after a demonstration, we ordered 2. After a year they got their service and all the data was read out on the computer.
We heard that both Beagles had covered a distance of 1162 kilometers. Saving on time and manpower. Very handy are also the trays for small things.`