Powerful and versatile

High towing capacity

The 360-Drive can easily tow loads of up to 1500 kg.

Long range of action

The battery capacity allows a range of action of over 35 km.

Small turning radius

Due to its extremely small turning radius the 360-Drive can rotate around its own axis.

Adjustable speed

Maximum speed can be adjusted depending on the client’s wishes.

Ergonomic design

Designed to provide a safe, healthy and active working posture.


The 360-Drive is a versatile all-round mover that can be used for a multitude of logistic purposes through its ability to tow loads of up to 1500 kg. This mover can drive up and down ramps and has an extremely small turning radius which allows it to rotate around its own axis, making it suitable for maneuvering loads through the smallest halls or even in elevators. Its speed is set to a maximum of 6 km/h by default but can be adjusted to a maximum of 10-12 km/hr per request.

User comfort

Improving user comfort is at the centre of all of Beagle’s designs. In stark contrast to traditional movers, the 360-Drive allows the user to stand comfortably, whereas a traditional mover requires them to be sitting down, without enough room for their legs to do so comfortably. The 360-Drive encourages an active working posture, decreasing fatigue, and therefore helps eliminate human error in the work environment. The process of attaching a load to the mover has also been simplified by beagle, making it easier and less time-consuming to do so compared to traditional movers.

Specifications 360-Drive

Batteries 24 V output
Charger 8 A made in Sweden IP67 shockproof up to 8 hours of recharging time
Ground clearance 39 mm
Towing capacity 1500 kg
Length 815 mm
Width 670 mm
Overall height 1350 mm
Platform height 140 mm
Max. speed 6 km/h (up to 10-12 km/h per request)
Operation Forward and reverse throttle with soft start
Tow hitch 20mm diameter steel pin or tailored per request
Safety Emergency stop button
Brakes 2 electronic brakes, key on electronic block brake, current brake (optional), parking brake
Horn 30 or 115 dB (optional)


Accessories 360-Drive

Tray attachment

Allows you to carry safely and easily smaller objects during use.

Towing attachment

Allows you to easily attach and tow loads of up to 1500 kg in combination with a towing rod.

Support cushion

Makes it easier for you to stay on your feet during the day while the cushion brings you extra support while leaning back.

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