Drive units

Making industrial processes efficient

Permanent installation

The complete drive unit can be fixed permanently to virtually any existing heavy cart in your process.

Compact and flexible

Offering a turning radius of 360 degrees of your cart and trolley through the addition of a fifth wheel.

Custom battery capacity

The drive unit’s battery capacity can be adjusted to your requirements.

Adjustable speed limit

Customizable speed limit of up to 12 km/hr.

High pressure load

The wheels can bear a pressure load of up to 2000 kg.

Compact in-wheel motors

Brushless in-wheel motor, 250-600 W continuous power output

130-200 mm diameter PU wheel
Three-phase brushless permanent magnet motor
Motor equipped with hall effect sensors
Power supply range 24 V / 36 V
Continuous power up to 600 W
16 Nm – 80 Nm torque
Max speed range: 5 -12 km/hr
High efficiency system, quiet, high reliability, compact size
Bearing pressure 80 to 2000 kg
Aluminium housing
Ball bearings

Tiller head

Highly resistant plastic housing (the base of the housing is one complete part)
Ergonomically modelled handles
Tireless handling – the buttons are easy to reach and you can activate them easily
Floating-mounted belly button switch
Different kinds of traction switches
Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C


Weight approx. 6.35 kg
Nominal voltage 12 V

Dimensions Capacity
Height 152 mm 120 hour rate 24 AH (200 mA)
Length 181 mm 20 hour rate 20 AH (1.0 A)
Width 76 mm Recharging capacity: up to 1500 times



Pcb potted against harsh environments
8-Bit micro-controller with software update functionality

Dimensions (closed)

  • Height 180 mm
  • Length 85 mm
  • Width 50 mm

Voltage 24 V DC (default version with lift motor)                                                                                   or 36 V DC (optional, limited functionality), +/-10%,
Working temperature: -20 to 45°C,
1x connector for BLDC-motor with 3 phased, 250 W

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